If you can’t break a land speed record then wear thick neoprene


Maybe you woke early this morning and thought ‘Shall I break the world land speed record today?’ but struggled for somewhere vast enough to carry this out, so snuggled back down beneath your duvet. Not today, you decided. Will review again tomorrow. Now if you’d have thought of Saltburn beach you would have been thinking along the lines of the great and the good. For it was on Saltburn beach, on one of the longest stretches of unbroken beach in the UK, that Sir Malcolm Campbell, in 1922, set his first land speed record.

It’s also a great beach for surfing. I’m not sure if he realised that though. Today Offspring the Younger wetsuited and booted with her two bffs. There is no bad weather in the North East, only bad clothing. While others were snuggled under their duvets dreaming of speed, they were snuggled up in neoprene and having a surfing lesson.


I was dressed appropriately to watch someone else surf in the North Sea in April….there is always an optimum number of layers for any occasion.

(Mind, you do warm up a lot if you forget to put a parking ticket in your car and need to hot foot it back before you get a fine….)

Chris, from Saltburn Surf School, enabled my budding marine biologist (and her friends) to enjoy a perfect two hours doing one of her favourite pursuits, one that is a bit…tricky…in our landlocked part of the South West. Visibility was…well, not really there at all but that didn’t matter. Chris taught them key skills on land, which they then put into action in the surf, with him close at hand. They liked Chris. They liked surfing.


Meanwhile I chatted to the owner who started the surf school (the only surf school on the East coast to be accedited by Surfing Great Britain) in 1983 – so clearly knows his stuff. The girls liked the fact that Zoe, who also runs things, still surfs regularly, travelling all over the world. Indonesia sounded amazing. Sigh….

The bloke who was working on the new, snazzy beach huts was also interesting. There are to be 45 in total – the ones already completed were fully booked the day before, so already proving popular. He kindly offered to show me the inside of one. It had all you needed really: tea/coffee facilities, microwave, deckchairs, windbreaker, loads of storage – beachy sort of stuff. And it’s wheelchair accessible. Seems like a nice idea for a treat one day. He did add, as we finished, that you can’t sleep in it overnight. Not sure if he suddenly took a proper look at me and felt I had a hobo look about me….


20180409_1106281101659892.jpgOh and best plan something that requires little energy for the afternoon. You’ll be zonked. In a good way. Maybe back under that duvet….

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