*** Edit: Now wistful musings, as we are on lockdown.

Original About

Tales of my adventures & misadventures as I return to Northern life and rekindle my Northern soul. After many years away from beautiful North Yorkshire, I explore the obvious tourist spots (well, they’re popular for a reason) but much more fully than as a child; revisit my favourite quieter places; and try to find the unusual and unexpected. On my own, with friends, or with my teenage daughter and her friends. Because each offers a different perspective.

Having grown up in market towns and villages in North Yorkshire, I had an idyllic childhood. I was free with my friends to roam the wild and inviting countryside on our doorstep. Having parents who had both travelled the world several times over, that need to explore never left them, so as a family we were always finding new places to visit round the North East. Though often to returned to favourites. All year round we’d go to one of the many nearby beaches. Sometimes it was sunny. Sometimes. But often it was cold and grey, but that didn’t seem to matter. The greys of the water still held a raging beauty, that even a child could appreciate. The beaches of the North East are still mesmerising and, to me, some of the best in the world.

As I grew older however, like many young people, I felt the need, a pull, to explore the rest of the world. To be somewhere bigger, different, bustling. To quench a wanderlust. But I always knew I’d come back…at some point.

And now I have. After many years. It’s been so exciting to see North Yorkshire, and indeed the North East generally, with fresh eyes. In some ways, everything is the same as it ever was (which is good), but in others, oh so different (also good). And this is what this blog enjoys and shares – me trying to quench a new thirst. To see every nook and cranny of North Yorkshire, (and I keep overflowing into the North East as a whole).

My hope is you’ll love North Yorkshire too…and want to come visit…come visit God’s own Country.